Recommended Media: Saying “YES” to You

August 22, 2017 0 Comments

Hey Guys!

Hope you are all having a great week. I’m really excited to share a bit of recommended media with you today!

I’ll admit, it’s been a little bit of a tough week here for us. A week chock full of events, and work, and activities – combined with another extremely difficult news week in our country, has us all a bit on edge and a little frayed. During times of great difficulty, when just walking through the day to day feels like a test of emotional endurance, I have to pause and refocus. Pare things down. And go back to basics – my values, my family, our future.

One of the journies I’ve personally been on over the last couple of years is learning how to say “YES” to myself more. Yes to my needs, my values, my desires, my family, my time, my happiness.

I have been incredibly surprised to find out how difficult this is. Ultimately rewarding. But also difficult.

Inherently, when we say “Yes” to something, we also say “No” to something else. And, that something else might be family, friends, things that are no longer healthy for us mentally, physically, or spiritually – people or spaces we may have once enjoyed and made us feel whole.

And this part is so so hard. Let’s not try to pretend that this process isn’t difficult and painful. It is.

But (stay with me friends)……. it’s O.K. It will be ok. We can be at peace and thankful for the place that those things or people or practices once held in our lives…..AND we can let them go with gratitude and love in our hearts, knowing full well that we are saying “YES” to us. To our truth. To what lights us up!!

Which brings me to our Recommended Media. This podcast episode released back in 2015 on the Keep Your Daydream Podcast has been a huge lift and inspiration to me this week. I’ve listened to it several times and I keep gleaning new nuggets that have been so valuable to me.

Expert Podcast Tip: Throw it on while you’re making dinner, or cleaning your house, or driving to your next appointment.

In this episode, Show Host, Tricia Leach (Keep Your Daydream) interviews Life Coach, Tara Baldwin of BELIEVE Life Coaching. They talk about saying YES to you and what lights you up. They talk about finding your “why” and overcoming fear. They talk about staying the course when fatigue sets in. They talk about moving past the things holding us back so we can really craft the life we want.

One phrase that really hit home for me was when Tara said:

When you’re really connected to that ‘why’ in your heart and the reasons that really drive you and light you up, then you’ve suddenly switched your space into someone that knows that [the negative voice] is just a bunch of BS and that you really can move forward. (para.)

Guys, this was maybe the most influential podcast episode I’ve listened to all year, and I’m not kidding.

Take some time and give this a listen. I promise it’ll be worth your time. Hope you have a great week. ❤️️



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