Meet Jess and Chris

Two amateur adults on a mission to live more intentionally, more minimally and more joyfully.

We are Jess and Chris Larson. Two Minnesota natives who are passionate about living an intentional life of purpose, passion and joy. We are constantly striving to find more ways to invite in opportunities for connecting with others, having new experiences and breaking away from the conventional to discover the extraordinary within the (sometimes) ordinary. We were told as kids that we could be anything and have anything in life if we were just brave enough and tenacious enough to go after it and we wholeheartedly believe that. This belief, occasionally, takes us on some crazy journeys that leave most people scratching their head. But we trust that with every risk, every courageous moment, every new adventure, we are one step closer to finding the unconventional life we’ve always dreamed of.
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Follow along with these unconventional, kid-raising, adventure-seeking, Midwestern, traveling, coffee-drinking, dog-loving, foodie, musician parents as they try to do life, the only way they know how.